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After having a hit single in his native Australia as a teenager, Peter still dreamt of making music and 10 years ago decided to relaunch his career as a singer/songwriter of 80's styled pop. He joined up with UK label Energise and released "Stereo". The album featured the production team of Ian Curnow, Dave Ford and Pete Hammond, who had all had long careers as producers but were best known as the team behind the scenes at PWL, the label run by Stock/Aitken/Waterman.
This teamwork would be repeated throughout the following years and other luminaries like the huge "ItaloConnection" has joined the team. 
This year Peter released a very well received album "The Passion and The Flame" and this track "Diamond Eyes" was a fan favourite, not just because its a great song , but it features a very limited appearance for one of the biggest Italo Disco stars "Fancy" who asked to be added to a song on an album by Peter, as he was a great fan of his work.
So here is the Maxi Single, with new mixes by ItaloConnection, Sakgra and Matt Pop as well as an extended cut of the original.

Diamond Eyes CD Single

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