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Peter Wilson, is one of the biggest male NRG singers in the world and he unleashed this amazing new single ahead of his forthcoming new album "Utopia".
In three distinct mixes all filled to the brim with pop goodness, this is a stunning return for Peter after a years break while he wrote his new album.
This is pop/NRG music at its very best.

I don't wanna see you cry

  • Tracks TitleMain artistISRCDuration 1I Dont Wanna See You Cry Matt Pop Radio MixPeter WilsonGBRRX150073903:42:733 2I Dont Wanna See You Cry Andy Haldane Club MixPeter WilsonGBRRX150074005:34:666 3I Dont Wanna See You Cry Argonaut SAW Point MIxPeter WilsonGBRRX150074103:47:133 4I Dont Wanna See You Cry Matt pop Synth In Space MixPeter WilsonGBRRX150074207:51:880 5I Dont Wanna See You Cry InstrumentalPeter WilsonGBRRX150074303:46:000Release titleI Dont Wanna See You Cry ArtistPeter Wilson Release typeEP UPC / EAN7071245205706 Catalogue numberEnergy 2080 Project reference Copyright line2015 Energise Records Ltd Phonograph line2015 Energise Records Ltd GenreElectronic > Electronic > Electropop > Electropop Original / first release date2015 | 2015-06-24 Country United Kingdom LabelEnergise Records Ltd CompanyEnergise Records Ltd
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