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Nicki French has become one of the biggest survivors of the 90's pop scene, after her 5 million selling remake of "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" hit the top of the charts worldwide-Hitting No1 is three countries and top 10 is over 20 others, she went on to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000, and had her fifth UK chart hit. Working with mega producers Mike Stock & Matt Aitken she gained a huge following with the gay scene, which she has continued to support and perform for, while carving out a starring role in musical theatre and is now one of the"go to" artists for Pantomime, starring in a major production every year.  This single is the lead track of her brand new album "Glitter To The Neon Lights" and was co written by Gordon Podoga, who wrote the stunning "Beautiful Battlefield" for Steps recent album. A return to the floor-filling power-pop sound with a huge singalong chorus, this is bound to get anyone moving their feet.

On your Marks,Get Set, Go Away

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