One of the original Stock Aitken & Waterman Divas, The Queen of HiNRG, Ms Hazell Dean would like you to join her as she celebrates the Happy New Year in style with her latest single. The single is the first time this classic Abba song has been released as a single, and boy has it been done in style, with Big Ben , Christmas Bells and a MASSIVE sing-a-long chorus that Abba excelled in. Also included as a teaser for the RE:Vistited album next year is another Abba album track "The Way Old Friends Do" ..This is a real tearjerker, and Hazell's voice is given free reign to soar and swoop as the song reaches its crescendo. 
Then add in a bit of a Matt Pop remix of "Happy New Year" to round off the proceedings and make sure everyone goes homes home happy!

Happy new Year (Hazell Dean)


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